East Texas University

Sweat Lodge

The group arrives at the East Texas University campus and find their dorm rooms. Turns out Lesley Richard Lipschitz and Shaggy are rooming together, Fetty Potter is rooming with a guy named Randy Johnson, and Duffy Addams (after being very embarrassed by her parents) found she was rooming with a very nice girl named Alice Chase.

   The players made small talk and then proceeded towards the Raven's Roost stadium/multi-use building that has seen better days…one hopes. Paint was peeling, fire extinguishers were missing and graffiti covered the walls inside. 

   After a loooong and droning speech by President Nelson, complete with a bad power point, he ended his presentation with a "rousing" rendition of the ETU Raven's fight song:

Ravens Fiiiight, Ravens Fiiiight, Put on the black and whiiiite. Ravens Fiiiight, Ravens Fiiiight, Our team will own the niiiight. Fear the Fightin' Ravens, Our mighty team does sooooar. Fear the Fightin' Ravens, When we make another scoooore.

  During the speech, Fetty Potter spotted his brother Harry off to the side, watching boredly, and also an administrator arguing with a couple janitors and pointing at some of the graffiti on the walls until the janitors walked begrudgingly into the hallways below the bleachers, presumably to get cleaning supplies-

   After that (where Lesley got waaaay too into the song and got some strange looks), you broke into smaller groups so a senior student could give you some words of wisdom away from any faculty members. On their way to their appointed room, they spot a security guard entering a maintenance room. He seemed surprised to see anyone and quickly entered and locked the door behind him, but not before everyone except Duffy spotting a pile of fire extinguishers in the dim room. 

   The characters enter their room, they make some small talk (when Lesley could finally work up the saliva in his mouth to actually talk to a girl) when their senior finally arrived. Robby Niles gives them some advice that they proceeded to ignore completely. "Be a zebra. Don't stand out. Survive by keeping your head down." The party thanked him for his "advice," never getting his name right, and were going to leave to get to the party that was finishing setting up on the basketball court where President's speech had taken place when they heard a crashing/smashing sound.

   Shaggy let out a scream and seemed very panicked. Jumpy little druggy.

   The enter the hallway to see the security guard from earlier investigating the broken pieces of a camera. He asks them if they had anything to do with it, they said no, but it also looked like Lesley was having some kind of a stroke. When he finished he said there was some kind of fire demon shadow man thing and everyone was in danger. Also that he occasionally sees things.

   They were interrupted by the arrival of Glen MacClanahan and his research assistant Jackson Green. He explained that the camera was for looking for the ghost that was said to haunt the building. A girl or young woman rather than a fire demon shadow guy. After being told about the visions and Duffy expressing interest in the supernatural as well. He asked them to meet him tomorrow.

   The group went back to the party where Scooby went to the food, and told Lesley that he can see things too and slipped him a tab of LSD. Lesley put it in his pocket saying he didn't partake in the drugs. Jackson was unsuccessfully attempting to get Duffy to dance (and making Lesley jealous) while Fetty locked eyes with a young woman dressed in slightly retro clothes. She brought him to a dark room under the bleachers and pressed herself to him before he could turn the lights on. She whispered some nice things to him, then "You're all going to burn." He threw her back calling her a demon and she burst into flame, along with the rest of the room!

   Before Fetty could flee the room or find a way to put out the fire, the door opened and the fire immediately disappeared as if it never existed. Definitely a demon. Anyways, the one who opened the door was GlenMac with a thermal camera. He was concerned about the heat spike, then was super excited when told about Fetty's experience and ran off to tell Jackson.

   They notice some other slightly weird things, like the janitors who were cleaning the graffiti are now missing, the guards on the front door being relieved (running towards the bathroom looking sick) and the security guard (the same one from before) leaving the post at the doors.

   Fetty went to leave to go out and skate, found the doors chained and padlocked, and the security guard and he got in a tussle ending with Fetty being tased and knocked unconscious. While the security guard was carrying him back downstairs, the rest of the group saw and approached and offered to help with their inebriated friend. The guard couldn't lose them so he brought them with him back towards the maintenance room from before.

   He unlocked the door and let them carry the unconscious Fetty into the room. Lesley and Duffy were too distracted carrying Fetty to notice what Shaggy did. The two janitors lying in the room. Definitely unconscious, possibly dead. There was a scuffle, the guard got pepper sprayed by Duffy and blasted with a fire extinguisher by Lesley and Shaggy ran away scared.

   A weird spiney, dog, demon, gremlin, thing about 4 feet high at its hunched shoulders grabbed the security guard and ran back towards the party. The group gave chase. The party goers are freaking out. It tried to bust through the main door, but Duffy attacked it with a stake while it was occupied with the door. Fetty managed to regain consciousness and join in, but didn't really do much (not a fighter) while Lesley heard that some of the party goers were commenting/screaming about the walls being hot (some of the graffiti was starting to glow), some mentioning that their clothes were catching fire, and he build a pile of junk to get closer to the sprinkler overhead with Duffy's lighter. Despite his efforts the sprinklers did not seem to be working.

   While that was happening, the ghost of Shaggy's childhood great dane, Scooby, was leading Shaggy back to the maintenance room after he found a couple of the back doors locked. When he got there he saw that someone had padlocked the sprinkler water main valve in the closed position. He found a wrench and used it as a lever to attempt to snap the padlock.

   Duffy and Fetty were still attacking the beast-monster-thing (later to hear that people were calling it the Needler after the urban legend on campus) and Duffy had managed to wound it just before it broke down the door and bolted off into the night and disappeared into the woods. On top of that, Lesley's ploy to activate the sprinklers to counter whatever was happening on the walls. He's a hero!!

   Everyone was running outside (except for Shaggy) when the police arrived. Lesley charged the police car with a lighter and a fire extinguisher, Fetty was next to him. Lesley tried to explain about the demon and fire and stuff, but the police, seeing a threat, tackled him. And Fetty. Guilt by association. Before Lesley was pinned and cuffed he shouted "You need to see the demons!" and shoved the LSD Shaggy had given him earlier into the officer's mouth…

   Needless to say, Fetty and Lesley were arrested (Fetty was later let go on account of his family and the testimony of various other freshmen) and the three who were not Lesley were given a talking to by President Nelson and told that Glen MacClanahan had vouched for them and that he was going to be responsible for them for their freshmen year and act as a mentor.


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